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Like to see our archives? Password is: Jesus Lives! The majority of older issues are under the “Older Issues” post on this dashboard. All issues are still on the web that have been published since our April 6, 2012 digital world inception. We printed the Tailgate News Magazine for Southern Arkansas 72 times before becoming a web based publication this past spring. The first Tailgate News was published in May of 2007. We started out, and remain, a magazine stressing the good news around us; particularly in the categories of community progress, high school sports and Christian testimonies. Enjoy the read.

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The April 18, 2014 issue of the Southern Arkansas Tailgate News Weekly Magazine is ready for you to click on and read. There is a Hoo Hoo feature about the membership opening to the public, rather than just lumber related folk. I believe you will enjoy this light hearted feature. Clark County Sheriff’s Department got a grant to fund a new multi county narcotics officer and the Quorum Court approved it. The sermon is on being honest with God and with yourself. It is an Easter issue with a lot of references to Jesus rising again. Enjoy the read and the Resurection weekend.  Comments? Email me at: jay_nelson_72443@yahoo.com. Thank you for reading the Tailgate News Weekly Magazine. Sincerely, John H. Nelson II, editor

Do you have a favorite story you would like to see on this website? Email it to us. www.jay_nelson_72443@yahoo.com. Also mail the editor any advertising requests or news brief updates at this old faithful email.

As always, go to “current issue” for the April 18, 2014 update. If you missed April 18,  or any Friday issue before, see the old magazines under “older issues” on the dashboard that comes up when you first enter our site. Obits are generally on page 14.  We  have a few of the early efforts under archives but most of the 57 digital issues are under Oldies.  Our first digital magazine was published in April of 2012.  Tailgate News started printing in May of 2007, with 3,000 yard throws being the primary means of circulation. 2013 is the first time it has been published weekly and all on a web site.  We usually have 3,000 to 4,000 site hits per week. We published on 49 Fridays in 2013, skipping one issue in July and two over the post-Christmas/New Year’s holidays. Tailgate News  will present 16 pages a week instead of 12 this year. Safari and Chrome browsers and Soda or Adobe  pdf readers seem to open the pdfs faster than most other methods. I really like the Safari browser. Otherwise, read us in clusters of pages on “Read” pages. The solitary page entries are for your printing needs. Printing is free. This week, those cluster read pages are pages 1-6, pages 7-10 and  11-16.  Here is hoping something in the magazine benefits you and yours. We had around 4,200 actual site hits last week. Thank you for your patience as we harness technology to communicate the fundamentals of small town society, United States style, as perceived by this Baby Boomer.









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